Thursday, March 22, 2007

Parrot Saga Part III by Subha

Just two days ago, Sankaran, our pet parrot decided to make me exercise a bit as I was putting on weight!
It was 7.00 AM. My husband had left for our house in the village in the early hours and so I was somewhat free. I took my time reading the newspaper and switching on the rice grinder for making the batter for Idli. I left the kitchen so that I could freshen up a bit before making breakfast. While near the wash basin which was across from the kitchen,I saw some bird flying inside. I was wondering how could a crow enter the kitchen as the back door was tightly shut. Then I thought probably one must have entered through the kitchen window which was open. Anyway, I wanted to have a closer look and chase the crow out.
Ah, my heart stopped beating for a second! It was Sankaran the parrot who was flying in and around the kitchen and above the whining grinder! I didn’t faint, that’s all.
The cage was shut properly which I had checked after feeding him earlier. Somehow he managed to escape and was having a gala time. Anyway,- I had to do something about it. If only Sankaran managed to fly out, that would be the end of him as the cats and dogs were on the prowl most of the time, and in addition, crows might also try to chase him. I rushed to close all the three windows in the kitchen and the Puja room and the door leading to the dining room.
In the meantime, Sankaran had realized his folly and coolly went and sat on the gas tube of the kitchen stove. Fortunately, the stove was not on. He was staring at me and was looking happy and amused at my predicament.
As Sankaran would not allow anyone to touch him, he had to be caught with a towel and then put back inside the cage, a job which could be managed only by Ammini, our servant maid who lived behind our house. I went out closing the work area door and shouted ”Ammini, Ammini, Come at once! Sankaran has escaped from the cage. Before he is lost, we have to put him back in the cage” She immediately started to come to my house. I knew that it would take at least 5 minutes for her arrival.
I was worried that if only he went closer to the grinder, he would be ground with dhal and we would end up having a parrot dosa special for our breakfast the next day! I wanted to give a try in catching him. I dislodged the big cage from its hook and tied the door in the open position with a wire. I took it and went gingerly near Sankaran . He immediately started flying once again and when I was looking at him pathetically, he decided to sit on the window rod. I just rushed and jammed him between the window pane and the cage and holding it in that position, just commanded” Sankara, Ulle po, hmm, udane po! ( Get in Sankara, right now!) . Like a tamed bird, he bent his neck in a cute angle and entered the cage with a “Kyuin” and was jumping with joy that he had found his usual perch in the house.
I heaved a big sigh ! O K, back to the work area and hooked the cage. Ammini who just entered the house was happy that she didn't have to risk getting pecked by his beak while catching him. She cleaned his cage and Sankaran was fed with the cucumber which he relished sitting comfortably on his own perch.
As for me, I just hope that I had lost at least a pound in running around and from the tension I experienced!

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