Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's raining Mummies!

Trying to avert a screaming match between M and S yesterday, I suggested that they finally tackle, as a joint project, the 'Dig out your mummy' kit that we had purchased months ago on our foray into the King Tut exhibit at Philly.

Having settled back to work comfortably, I was again startled by another screaming match over the 'dug-up' mummy, this time because the silly plastic pieces refused to fit correctly together. S railed at the 'dollar store' quality of the plastic mold, M was in hysterics because she tried to fit the pieces together, roaring "Anna (elder brother), you're DISTRACTING me. I CAN'T CONCENTRATE..."

Thoroughly exhausted by the drama, I banished both to their bedrooms for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

This morning, the newspaper brought the latest discovery of Queen Hatshepsut's mummy having been ID'ed from that of an obese mummy discovered in the queen's nurse's tomb with a missing tooth matching a tooth found in the queen's canopic jar.
What a curious coincidence!

Mummy 1 was an apple mummy created in the wake of our Philly trip, provided with the cutest mini-apple funerary mask by S and lovingly mummified in toilet tissue by M. We got as far as supplying it with a mini-milk carton sarcophagus, but didn't decorate the sarcophagus, which still bears the inscription of Chocolate Milk and the picture of a kicking cow.

Mummy 2, of course, was our ill-fitting plasti-mummy, resting in a genuine sandstone mold.

Mummy 3, thought to be perhaps a wet-nurse named Sitre-in, turned out to be one of the most powerful queens in Egyptian history-Queen Hatshepsut.

It's raining mummies, indeed!

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