Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Bugs and Bags of Lettuce

This lady 'bugged' out when a dead beetle dropped out of the bag of lettuce she had just eaten from. From the story:
Kim Gillingham says she found the 3-inch long insect when she emptied the rest of the bag of Dole lettuce.

She had already eaten from the bag and feels lucky she didn’t become ill. But her concern then turned to her loved ones.

"I had served to friends, family members my niece. It just shocked me disgusted me that this came out," Gillingham tells KDKA.

(Link to video)
Note to self: Do not go into the kitchen garden to pick vegetables, there could (shudder) be beetles, bugs, flies, butterflies, bees and wasps around. Do not touch the dirt, there could be horrid germs in it, beyond the reach of sanitizing using any anti-bacterial cleaner, since there is so much of it all around.

Perhaps we should stay away from bagged produce, since we might never know what species of insect might be tempted to hide in it and terrorize the unsuspecting consumer who merely wants to create the perfect Wolfgang Puckian chicken caesar salad (Eeek...I see dead chickens!!)

Also, remember to recalibrate measuring tapes and rulers- 3 centimeters is the new '3 inches'.

Thursday, July 19, 2007