Saturday, November 24, 2007

Public Service Announcement - How to do Victorian style ringlets

Judging from the number of hits I keep getting on keyword searches for 'ringlets', 'curls' and 'nutcracker', there are several moms(dads?) out there looking for methods to curl their little darlings' hair into the appropriate look for this year's Nutcracker performances. Here's a brief primer of the various methods.

(1) Eco-friendly method : Use an old lint-free rag torn into strips. Condition hair with a teaspoon or two of warm olive oil. Wet hair lightly with water.Twine a bunch of wet hair strands around each strip. Knot the strip ends together in an easily removable bow/ simple knot. Wear a shower cap around all the twined strands and sleep in it. This generates beautiful curls, but takes several hours to set.

(2) Foam rollers method: Similar to above, but uses a foam wrap lotion and foam rollers( again, easily found in most dollar and drugstores). This requires overnight setting and sleeping in rollers. I used a product by (available in most beauty supply shops) called an Extra Firm Hold Foam wrapping lotion to prep the hair by applying it to each lock before rolling it around the rollers.

(3)Quick method : Takes about an hour, uses a hairsetting kit similar to (but more old-fashioned than) the current models. Basically, you apply the wrapping lotion to each set of hair strands and curl it round the individual rollers to get the curls. Wait till the roller has lost the heat before removing, and you will have a reasonable bouncy ringlet. Caveat: The curls may not last for longer than a few hours and you will need to repeat this whenever ringlets are desired.

To read more of my experiences with Nutcracker hair, check out my post from last year on
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Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful.

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