Friday, December 28, 2007

Odds and Ends

Walking back to my car after a venture into the maws of the After-Christmas sale mania, two elderly ladies were pointing at my license plate (which bears my name, a puzzling but endearing gift from my husband when we bought the car) and vigorously engaged in a discussion about it.
Here's what I imagine they must have been saying:

"What kind of name is that ? How does he pronounce it? "
"I wonder if the JA is pronounced 'HA' or 'YA'"
"Do you think it sounds Middle-Eastern? Perhaps we should be careful about this..."

By which time, I opened the doors with a flick of the remote and they looked up to see me approaching, shopping bag in hand.

Elderly lady 1: " Oh, is this your car? I was saying to X here that it looked exactly like hers"
Elderly lady 2: " I had a Camry too."
Me: "Really? You had a green Camry exactly like mine ?"
Elderly lady 2: "Yes, had it for 15 years."
Me: "Well, mine's a 10 year old car." Getting in the car, "Bye now and have a good day."
Ladies walk off with an expression of guilty relief
"That was a close one- do you think she suspects what we were actually discussing?"


Ruchira Paul said...

Are you sure they were thinking what you think they were thinking?

Sujatha said...

Not really. It could very well have been exactly what they said, rather than what I imagined they were discussing, from the pointing fingers at the license plate.
Usually the curious are not too reticent to satisfy their curiosity, which is why the conversation that followed struck me as a bit surreal.
Maybe they were discussing the vintage of my Camry, but it didn't seem quite congruent with the fixed gazes at my license plate .

Jenn Thorson said...

Sujatha, it's lovely to "see" you! I always knew you had a great sense of humor-- I suppose I shouldn't be surprised one bit at your so effortlessly applying it to a blog. Sending you, Sundar, and the rest of the family my best for the New Year-- and also wishing you fewer baskets of dirty clothes spending as much time in the basement. :) (Hey, we can dream.) --Jenn