Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Perusing the Pennysaver

English riding helmet- black velvet with harness, $35- Oooh, I have visions of my daughter, outfitted like National Velvet, riding in her first competition. Should I call? Decisions, decisions.

K2 Skis with boots, bindings and Aerro poles, Ski bag,$ 50 all.
Ski boots, Ladies, Good condition $10

Rossignol Skis , bindings, $25

Toro Snow Thrower, working condition when used 3 years ago, $20

That's what global warming will do for you, I guess.

"Munchies - Everything you're hungry for" - It's the new avatar of what used to be a Bob's Dogs, which I thought was a pet grooming salon, till I slowed enough in my car to see the unmistakable hot dog with mustard on the sign. Well, goodbye wieners.
Munchies specializes in Italian, homestyle food. Great, we just really needed another new Italian hotspot to join the 1200- odd Italian places in the neighborhood.

Metal Folding chairs , 2 Samsonite ( They make chairs? I thought they were a luggage company)- $15 both.
Good for reserving Parking spots, a great tradition in all those snowbound cities with roadside parking. Another victim of GW, I presume.

Breadmaker machine - Excellent condition, works great, glass cover, recipes, $25. Perhaps I should consider putting my slow cooker on sale, along with the recipe book I got for it. Poor breadmaker owner, was this a culinary dream gone poof?

2 Burial niches for sale. A_ county Memorial Park,
Sermon on the Mount, Price negotiable.

Are they charging for the sermon? I thought those came free. This reminds me of the day I picked up the phone in the pre-donotcall- list era to be asked.
"Would you be interested in buying a burial spot in ABC Memorial Park? "
"Sorry, we cremate."

Poo-Poo Pros- Pet waste removal service. Let us do the Doody work!
Reasonable rates, dependable service.

Phew, I don't envy them, but it must be a decent paying job, if they are able to make it the basis of a business! Love the catchy name.


Ruchira Paul said...

I used to get burial plot calls quite frequently in Omaha. "We cremate" took care of most. But one time I got a call which offered, in a cheery voice, "two burial plots for the price of one." I couldn't resist. I asked, "Do we have to die at the same time to avail of the offer?"
The young woman didn't hang up but an extremely embarrassed silence followed. I took pity and put and end to the conversation by going the "cremation" route.

Sujatha said...

Ha, that was mischievous of you, Ruchira!
Another version of those ads are the obnoxious robocalls which begin "We apologize if this is reaching at a time of loss, but we are offering burial plots at ...." - much worse than having a real live human at the other end.