Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day

I opened my email today, sighing at the 'Closing Delays and Alerts' that popped up- another 2 hour delay would have my kids running around the house later than usual, while I struggled to get through a phone call without shrieks interrupting.

"_______ School District: CLOSED Tuesday"

Thoughts of rescheduling my call for after the two hours vanished. Maybe I could persuade the kids to go outside and sled down our front yard or build snow forts or have a snow fight...

At 7:15, the whole landscape was still lit up with a pale blue glow. That didn't seem to deter the cardinal, chickadees and juncos performing a feeding ballet on my deck. They scattered in a flurry as I drew the curtains of our picture window, and I wondered for the umpteenth time why our real estate agent had suggested that we could replace the outdated 70's looking sliding window with a more fashionable French window, something that we have no plans to do.

No lights in the neighboring houses- all children are still abed, taking in extra sleep time instead of rushing into the morning bustle and buses. M is still snuggled up with her lost-and-found Lavender Bear, found sitting sadly on the long-unused treadmill in the basement, hidden behind the put-up track. S is high up in his eyrie, dreams of today's certainly-postponed PSSA tests haunting him. Let them sleep.

The blue glow has faded to grey. The sky is very cloudy this morning, a far cry from the clear contrailed colors of yesterday morning. Everything is covered with about 2 inches of snow, white except for the tracery of fallen branches below the pin oak and stark silhouettes of the trees all around. My tiny but reliable "February fair maid" snowdrops still lift their head out defiantly through the snow, daring the nearby daffodils and hyacinths to take away from their moment of glory, deceived as those have been by the recent warm spells into poking out from their winter's rest.

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