Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stuffed Animal Tales

"I'm naming this monkey Caramel, because of the color of his skin."

I squinted at the brand new plush monkey M waved proudly at me. Her ever-indulgent father had purchased it from her from a mall kiosk when I had taken a brief trip to the restroom. S was performing in a concert near the food court, part of the annual fundraising efforts for the strings group that he belonged to.

"Very nice", I said."Are you sure you want another stuffed animal toy?" Especially, considering that M's bed is getting a bit overcrowded with the likes of Cuddles the bear, Fluffy bear, Beary, Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Kitty and Lemee the lioness. Plus Maya bear, Shammy rabbit, Christmas Bear and Sugarheart Gorilla, all jammed into the drawer under her bed. Not to mention other animals named for food such as Mango the orange dog with the yellow belly.
(Man on the airplane: "What's your doggie's name? Is it Rover?"
M: "No, it's Mango, because she looks like one."
Man : "!!!" )

"I want a monkey, I don't have any monkeys," she wheedled with all the pathos a little kid can muster, along with the certainty that this was a battle already won.

I kept glancing at the monkey intermittently through the afternoon, and in the car, couldn't keep the comment on the tip of my tongue to myself any longer.
" You might call it Caramel, but I'm going to call it Geedubya!". True enough, it bears an uncanny resemblance to no else than the primate of the White House and here's the proof! (Click on the photo for a closer look)

Impressed by my observation, M declared "His name may be Caramel, but his nickname is going to be President George!"

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