Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Big Brother's Primer

The Rules of Bothering

Written by S

1. Bothering is defined as:
An act which involves the enjoyment of one person at the expense of others.

2. You must bother a person at least for a total of 4 minutes per day.

3. The person being bothered will be affected in such a way that they are not physically harmed or hurt.

4. The means of bothering shall include annoying noises, poking, frequent touching, light pulling, invasion of personal materials, and other ways.

5. No person may be bothered if eating (for mess purposes), crying, or in pain.

6. In order to identify if success has been achieved, the subject will command you to cease bothering or they shall attempt to call an adult.

7. Remember the 3 Fs. Fluff, Feel and FUN!

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