Monday, March 31, 2008

Bye-bye Easter Bunny!

Before she fell asleep, M asked me," Amma, do you believe in the Easter Bunny?"

"No, I don't."

"Well, I still believe in the Easter Bunny. He's going to come and set up an egg hunt for me tomorrow."

"I don't think so. Now I'm going to have to go rushing off tomorrow morning to get stuff for this", I grumbled.

"Never mind, you can set it up with the Easter Bunny' s help."

Thus it was that I found myself standing in line at the local drugstore the next morning, with assorted egg-shaped candies, a bag of Hershey kisses and a tiny plush bunny.

"What happened to all the plastic eggs?"

"They're all sold out since yesterday."

"I have several extra at home if you would like", offered the friendly lady in line ahead of me.

"No, thanks, I have a few from last year", I answered.

The cashier rung up the purchases and ended with a cheery "Have a Blessed Easter!" to the lady before me.

She rang up my purchases next, ending with a "Have a good one!" (After all, it would only be a desperate infidel who would try to purchase plastic eggs on Easter Sunday at the only drugstore open for miles.)
I drove back carefully, trying to make up for my morning lack of caffeine and driving over the curb that had jolted me awake earlier.

I reached home and tried to sneak the purchases upstairs, but was promptly waylaid by M, risen from her bed early, in anticipation of the Egg Hunt.

"What's in that bag?" She demanded. "Just a few things I needed to get." as I slipped it into another room.

A few minutes later, on pretence of going out to check for the newspaper, I sprinkled the ground with assorted foil wrapped eggs and candy in about a dozen plastic eggs that survived the last year's hunt. After positioning the plush bunny on a strategic rock in our winter-weary flower bed, I went back inside and ostentatiously asked "M, can you fetch the newspaper for me today?"

She donned her coat and boots with alacrity and stepped outside, eyes widening as she saw the dashes of colored eggs. Tiptoeing delicately past the eggs and bunny, she ran down to the driveway and picked up the newspaper. First things first. Duty beckons ahead of pleasure, etc. etc.

By the time she had brought it to the door, I was ready with her basket and a camera in hand to record the fun. Barely two minutes later, she was done picking all the eggs and candies.

"Amma, you should have hidden some of the eggs. Then it would have been more fun", she sulked.

So she was more practical than she let on regarding the existence/non-existence of the Easter Bunny.

I wonder what the next year will bring. Will she insist on an egg hunt or let it go the way of other discarded traditions?

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