Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Flat Stanley visits Saudi Arabia

M's class had mailed out their Flat Stanley packets to different states in the US, and as far afield as India and Japan. When I asked M where she wanted to send hers, she gave me an unexpected answer: her cousin M2 in Saudi Arabia.
So off he went, along with a brief journal in which to chronicle his stay. That was over 2 months ago.
M came home moping 3 weeks ago. "They've taken down the Flat Stanley display in class. Mine hasn't even come back yet."
We called M2, and she confirmed that the Flat Stanley was now mailed and should be reaching us soon.
One week, two weeks... No sign of Flat Stanley. I had a sneaking suspicion that with the Saudi Arabian return address on the packet, Flat Stanley might have made a detour to Guantanamo Bay for a round of interrogations.
Yesterday, finally, M came home fro school, waving a huge envelope. Flat Stanley was back from his Saudi Arabian trip, with postcards galore to show the sights of the Kingdom, a flag, and an account of his adventures, including a visit to the mall where he counted no less than 100 Mercedes and 75 Lexuses (Lexi?) passing by.
I'm sure that M's class had an intriguing peek into a country that they probably knew very little about from those fantastic postcards. And, I'm so relieved that he might have dodged the visit to Guantanamo, as well!

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