Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Telemarketing: Old vs. New

Old method:

Ring, ring.
Me: Hello
Lalita (in an approximation of a mid-Western accent): Good morning, am I speaking to Sujatha (pretends to struggle with last name)?
Me (wearily): Yes, this is she.
Lalita: this is Lisa with ABC communications. How are you today ma'am? I would like to talk to you about an offer for...
Me: Thanks for calling, but I really don't have time for this stuff. Please put my name on your do not call list. Bye
Click (as she burbles on.)

New method:

Ring, ring.
Me (wrong, ancient phone without caller id here): Hello
Senthil Kumar: May I speak with Mr or Mrs. ( perfectly pronounced last name) please?
Me: Yes, this is she.
Senthil: (switching to Tamil): Madam, I am Senthil Kumar with XYZ communications company. I would like to talk to you about an offer for reduced rates for India calls, madam.
Me (switching to Tamil): But we are already customers, shouldn't we be automatically getting the new rate?
Senthil (sounds faintly deflated): Yes madam, but the new rate is 3.29 cents a minute for India calls now.
Me: OK, will check online and see if we are getting it. Thanks, bye.
Senthil: But, but madam, there's another offer. (as phone descends on downward trajectory)


Anonymous said...

I get these calls too! I wonder how they got my name/ number..and they claim proudly that the Do Not Call list does not apply to calls from India..

Then there's the way they go about selling - in a typically nosy way - "You are Indian no,madam? How often do you make calls to India, madam? Which cities do you call, madam?"

Sujatha said...


Do they ever address you in Hindi, or is it in English?
I should be lucky as to get a nosier one- maybe I'll devise a devilish repartee to mess around with them!

Lekhni said...

They address me in English, but they soon start asking about which Indian city I call and so can almost hear them wondering what language I speak and which part I am from..