Friday, June 20, 2008

Thinking up Tags

The tags that bloggers send to each other has me intrigued. Where do these things originate? Is it even possible to trace the source of a tag, or is it as foolhardy as trying to find out who is Abdel Kadir Guanou from Guyana who wishes to deposit a measly $5 million in my personal bank account if I would email him the details. 'Rishi moolamum, nadhi moolamum ketkakkoodathu', goes the old Tamil saying ('Don't seek to ask for the history of a sage or trace the source of a river'). A similar principle probably operates for tags.

On the other hand, why not dream up a few tags and unleash them on the blogging world? It might be fun!

Maybe I should pass these around to a committee for evaluation of viral contagiousness before I try to spread them. Lekhni, Ruchira, Kochuthresiamma, Jen, Amit: you are all enlisted. Please comment if you like.

Tag Idea #1:

Items on your walls:
Look up from your computer and stare at all the walls in the room surrounding you.
List each item on the wall and its origin (for example : Faded landscape print from ABC mart, Family photo taken in Portland, Andy Warhol soup can poster, Starbucks neon sign, whatever...)
If you are in the great outdoors blogging, the tag will settle for a brief description of the flora and fauna (scientific names would be much appreciated, naturally).

Pass this on to 3 bloggers.

Tag Idea #2

1. A place that you would love to visit and why.
2. A place that you have already visited that you liked and why.
3. A place that you have already visited that you disliked and why.

Pass this on to 3 bloggers.

Tag Idea #3

Bloggers of the world, get your MS Paint, Photoshop or Gimp opened up and handy.
Pick a photo of yourself and alter it digitally to represent you as your favorite superhero/celebrity. Be creative, secretive or just plain silly, if you choose, and put it up on your blog for the oohs and aahs to roll in.

Pass this on to 3 bloggers.


Notice the limitation to 3, instead of 5 bloggers- I figured that it might be easier on those of us who have been struggling to come up with 5 taggees.


I knew I was just a google away from someone who attempted to track blog-tags and here he is. He should have called it a blog wave rather than a tree from the shape, though!


Lekhni said...

Sujatha, you are dangerous ;) I can see all three tag ideas becoming reality. I notice there is a "contents of handbag" tag going around, so why not "contents on wall"? And the other two too are distinct possibilities..

Now you know how tags get started!

Lekhni said...

On ranking the tags in terms of viral contagiousness, I'd probably say #1 and #2 will spread very fast (since every category of blogger can do them). #3, since it involves a little more familiarity with GIMP etc., will spread very fast among techie bloggers, but slower among others.

Sujatha said...

Thanks for weighing in, Lekhni. I did have my doubts about Tag 3, but that would do for those who like a challenge (or have kids in school who are adepts at this stuff- they can always outsource the post to them, he-he!)

Watch out world, be prepared for a couple of new memes! (I love to overrate myself- maybe these will fall flat with a thud, anyway!) Or, given my luck, somebody else will have thought to spread them first, in which case, please remember that you saw it here first :)

Ruchira Paul said...

Hi Sujatha,

You do have a fertile mind. I am terrible with such creative ideas. But I was thinking the other day that it may be fun to unleash this on the authors of A.B. to reveal more of themselves on the blog. (five curious things we don't know about each other?)

Come to think of it, we have all been blogging co-operatively for so long and yet we know precious little about each others non-blogging persona! I mean, I know some of my co-authors a bit because everyone has e-mailed me with personal stories and you and I talk on the phone occasionally. But do Anna, Andrew, Dean, Joe and you know much about each other?

Ruchira Paul said...

Oh, another thing. I just measured F&S on the Cuss-O-Meter. You are a good girl. The score came up at zero.

I still don't understand how A.B. scored a 3.2. Has to be the content that we link to and copy. None of us swears much on the blog. Or perhaps their algorithm takes into account angry words too and not just four letter profanities. Between Joe's anger, Dean and Anna's sarcasm, your conspiracy theories and my political commentary (only Andrew is a lamb) we do use strong words. But then Brian Leiter chews people out regularly on his blog and he scores a 1.6! So it has to be real "cuss words." But we don't do that.

Sujatha said...


Maybe we ought to try out the '5 secrets about yourself' on A.B., but as an intrablog tag game, rather than calling on other blogs. That would be a new meme in itself 'Blog Musical Chairs' perhaps?

I wonder why A.B. registers even the 3.2, given that almost everything is PG-13- unless the 'Virginity' post did it! Maybe that's why the Cuss-o-meter rated it that way.

As for F-n-S, given its weird made-up definition on the Urban Slang dictionary, I'm surprised that it didn't earn at least a 1. Maybe I'm just a George Carlin ('Oh, Mr.Conductor in Thomas the Tank Engine has died' said S when he heard of the news) tribute away from rating in the red on the Cuss-o-meter.

Ruchira Paul said...

If you attempt an intrablog tag of A.B. authors, be sure to email everyone in advance so you know if they will participate. Then post the tag and ask them to reply in a post rather than in comments. (A good way to keep the fron page humming rather than bury all good things in the comments section)

Hey, thanks for bringing me up to date on the slangy meaning of F & S. Who knew? What do your kids think?

If you do a tribute to George Carlin, be sure to cross post on A.B. I loved the guy.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

Sujatha, have posted my response to your tag as a blog