Thursday, July 24, 2008

Million Dollar Wii Baby

Now we've got Wii-fever in the house. Specifically, boxing rage.

While on vacation, we happened to visit an acquaintance at whose house M was given the chance to try out a round of boxing on their Wii. "Watch out, it is a tough game to master", she was warned, to no avail. She kept punching with the rapidity and lightness of a Mini-Mohammed Ali and breezed through 3 rounds with immediate KOs in no less than 5 of the fights. We watched, jaws dropping, as she waved her arms in triumph, screaming "I won, I won!!!" in her high-pitched voice.

Today, we walked into the local Sears for a 'casual' window shopping trip, and walked out about $330 poorer, Wii and accessories in precious plastic bag- Indulgent Dad had been ground to dust by the pleadings of the Mini-M and the Macro-S.

I went out for a walk after we got home, feeling rather uneasy after the greasy Chinese takeout, followed by a largish mint chocolate chip sundae that had precisely 3 tiny mouthfuls taken out of it. The Wii-ers were glued to the installation and instruction manual. I half anticipated that a boxing match would start before my return.

Dulcet strains of Muzak were still emanating from the family room when I got back. That's hardly like the roar of boxing spectators, I thought. But the whole room exploded in laughter and raucous giggles, as I peeked inside to see them creating their Mii characters to represent them onscreen. M had already picked out a pigtailed look for hers. S was struggling with the appropriate shape and position of his glasses- finally going in for the tip-of-the-nose (yes, there's a button for that!) position, and a thin budding moustache that he isn't averse to depicting, even as he gets ragged about it by his friends.

The Mii creation completed, M and S faced off in their first boxing match. "Ee-ee-ee-ya-ee-ee-ee!!!". Pint-sized as M was, she still managed to KO S twice in three rounds. This kid is lethal, I tell ya!

Now if only we could have a Million dollar Wii boxing match, she might make the kind of prize money we can only dream of!


Lekhni said...

I have half a mind to buy the Wii too, if only for Wii Fit and the aerobics (surely it'll help in winter?) but I am scared at its extreme addictiveness :)

Sujatha said...

It's addictive enough watching the kids play it, I assure you!

It's easy enough in summer to just go out for a walk or jog instead, but in winter, I can definitely see myself trying out the tennis and golf with this thing, while the others are off to school. As for addiction, I'm addicted to too many other things to spend all my time on Wii-mania.