Wednesday, August 6, 2008

'Car'ma Chameleon - Part II

The car has finally been ransomed by paying for the new state inspection and tires, and snoozes cosily in my garage today.
But, just as I was thanking my lucky carma that I had managed to escape the horror of paying through the nose for a new power steering rack, fate intervened.
I had to borrow hubby's minivan to take the kids to their piano lesson, and merrily drove around grocery shopping after that. Normally, I dislike driving it, since it feels rather like mahouting an ungainly elephant. I'm usually extra-careful with the controls, since I do it so infrequently. On the last leg, from piano lesson to home, I relaxed my guard and thought "Finally, all these trips and I'm starting to get comfortable driving this monster." I started planning out dinner as I drove home, pulled into the driveway,and realized horrified that the brakelight was still on, a smoking rubber smell spewing noxiously from the tires.
My husband raced downstairs, grabbed a hose and directed the jet towards the smoking tires. (Now you can understand the meaning of the clip art in the previous post!) "Ha, you are going to make me spend as much as what we have saved on the power steering rack, if not more, for new brake pads, maybe even brake drums!" He piled on the guilt liberally.
I snuck away from the scene red-eared, ruing my bad luck just when I thought it had taken a turn for the better.
The next time I take out the minivan (if he ever lets me get my hands on the keys again), I will be sure to consult the calendar for Rahu kalam, or even get a complete advisory from an online astrologer before I sit in the driver's seat. Maybe that will change the bad carma at last!


Lekhni said...

That's not good :( Although, I am surprised that he drives the minivan. I thought men usually hate to be seen anywhere near one ;)
But it's good that he is the Soccer Dad ;)

Sujatha said...

Oh, he's definitely the Minivan Dad, rather than the Soccer Dad. I do the bulk of driving the kids around, but I prefer the Camry.

Ms Cris said...

Brakelights? Rubber smell? :-S Gulp! Isnt driving just driving anymore. No wonder my Dad doesnt let me handle the steering!

Sujatha said...

@ Ms Cris:
The brakelight is a dashboard indicator to show that your handbrake is still engaged, but I don't know if the Indian makes have that indicator. Here, I just didn't pay attention to the indicator on my husband's minivan, unfortunately for the brakepads, which are probably going to need replacement.
Learn your car controls, and you can face up to your Dad when you want to take the car out!