Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's Wall Art time, Wall-e

And this blog post has no real connection at all to Wall-e, just that it sounded suitably alliterative.

As we move into the dog days of summer, the mind yawns and stretches a tiny muscle here and there. Today's exercise is to test the propagating power of the Wall Art tag.

I'm first, so here goes-

Tag Rules:

Items on your walls:
Look up from your computer and stare at all the walls in the room surrounding you.
List each item on the wall and its origin (for example : Faded landscape print from _ , Family photo taken in Portland, Andy Warhol soup can poster, Starbucks neon sign, whatever...)
If you are in the great outdoors blogging, the tag will settle for a brief description of the flora and fauna (scientific names would be much appreciated, naturally).

Pass this on to 5 bloggers.


Items on my walls:

(1) A United States Postal service Space Achievement and Exploration Press Sheet ( face value $38.50) with a holographic Landing on the Moon, colorful nebula and dish stamps, Solar system stamps with pentagonal views of the sun and galaxies, and two holographic space station stamps. With any luck, this thing will be worth a small fortune in another 50 years, when I can drag it to the Antiques Roadshow and have an appraiser tell me that it is then worth $1000.

(2) Atomic clock, which unfortunately hasn't been receiving the synchronizing time signal for ages. It defeats the purpose of buying this, as the major marketing point was that it never needed to be adjusted for Eastern Daylight Time to Eastern Standard Time and vice versa. All for the want of an extra 9V battery, which I have been to lazy to replace.

(3) Horrendously tacky wall calendar with ads for local businesses. The main advantage of this is that it came free from our township, and lists the school closings and township commission meeting dates and provides car wash and pizza coupons.

(4) Matted print of pen and watercolor views of San Francisco. The painful part was finding a frame to fit the odd size, so we ended up using one of the weird kits from the local craft store, but without a protective glass cover.

(5) A huge 'L I O L' , graphite on eggshell flat : c. 2000, masterpiece by S, aged seven, a sort of organic protest against the indignation of being displaced as the center of the universe by the arrival of his baby sister M.

(6) Square stained glass frame, much dwarfing the tiny 2"x 2" square display of the most ancient thing in the house : a 2008 year old bronze mite from a cache of early era coins. 'Own a piece of history for only $20, this opportunity may never arise again!' Maybe this will be worth $1000 in another 50 years too.

I'm passing this tag on to
Lekhni : No, not what's in your wallet (like that ubiquitous Capital One ad) - what's on your wall?
Usha: to provide you with some lighthearted relief (or annoyance ;) during a very busy time.
Ruchira: I'm hoping you will post more pictures of your gorgeous paintings.
Jenn: Being the Thrift Shop Romantic, I'm sure that your ever changing collection will give us a peek at some fantastic finds.
Kochuthresiamma: (I'm betting on at least one Raja Ravi Varma painting poster.)


P.S To the Wall Art Tag: Go forth, be fruitful and multiply!


Ruchira Paul said...

Oh Sujatha! You know that I am horrible with tags. I also don't know five bloggers who will comply with my request. So I will try my best right here.

My walls are not as crowded (or interesting) as yours, at least not in the area where the Desktop is located. When I look up, I see a framed poster of the Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Gottfried Helnwein, an artistic spoof of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks. The figures in the original are replaced by those of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart and Elvis Presley, who plays the bartender. (Given that Hopper is one of my favorite artists, I don't know why I don't own a print of the original).

On the left hand side wall hangs a political map of India printed in 1981. Uttarkhand, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Sikkim were not Indian states then. On the right side is a battery operated Sony wall clock which, unlike your Atomic clock, has its battery replaced regularly and keeps perfect time.

That's about all I see on the walls around me - none of my paintings is visible unless I cheat by getting up from my chair and peering around the left wall past the Indian map. Then I do see this painting (the tennis court) which I am afraid, you have already seen before.

Ruchira Paul said...

That should have been Uttaranchal.

Sujatha said...


Even the Boulevard of Broken Dreams is quite worthy of an exposition, just as you have done.
Why the India map from 1981? Is there a nostalgic tale associated with it?
I only wish you had more of your art work within viewing range of your PC, then it would have been a real treat!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Ah, you found out about my response post before I could even pop on over and share. :)

I apologize for not furthering the tag, but I've been ensnared in so many memes, awards, and other events lately, I think I'd be pushing my luck in asking folks to play along.

Sujatha said...

Thanks Ruchira, Jen and Kochuthresiamma for writing about what you have/don't have on your walls.

Sadly, my conclusion is that this tag didn't survive and become viral(unless Lekhni or Usha chip in with their bits and include a list of taggees.)

RIP Wall Art tag (or maybe I ought to administer Last Rites, till I know for sure that it's dead!)

philippinefacts said...

At first, you wouldn't understand (at least for me) pero sa huli, you would get it :)

Just watch it here >