Friday, September 5, 2008

Blue Skies and Red Rock

We visited Sedona, Arizona a couple of weeks ago, driving down there from Las Vegas. I didn't know what I had been missing by the way of blue skies, which I always found to be quite beautiful in Pennsylvania summers and autumns. And then I saw these:

The first photo is a view from Oak Creek Canyon, along a picturesque winding road down from Flagstaff towards Sedona, the second a view at Slide Rock state park, where the main attraction is a series of natural water slides in an apple orchard, and the third in Sedona proper, across from the town's best pizza place.

Our Grand Canyon photos all turned out curiously washed out, as though we were merely posing in front of a photo backdrop rather than the real thing, which looks much more vivid than this example. The setting sun did provide some great photo ops on the Bright Angel trail, however.

We got lucky enough to see an elk on the way out of Grand Canyon National Park, S did a U-Turn in the van for us to click away, annoying the driver behind till she too saw what we were at. Soon enough, there was a line of 3 or 4 cars doing exactly the same thing as us, cameras flashing away.


Lekhni said...

You guys walked down to the Canyon floor? Wow, I am amazed ! My Grand Canyon photos look exactly like yours, if that helps :)

The only better ones are the sunset and the sunrise pics at Desert View..but all the ones taken during the rest of the day are pretty useless.

Sujatha said...

No, not all the way down to the canyon floor, just a short distance down the trail and back. For one, it would have taken us 4 hours to go down and about 9 hours to get back, had we decided to do it. We would have had to start in the morning to make it back up before sundown.

We reached GC around 4 pm, good for some photo taking and viewing, but not much hiking. The trail sides are steep, with no rails, and you're supposed to move out of the way if a group of mule-riders come down it. So I kept walking down fairly nervously for a bit, till I decided to use my parents' age as an excuse to 'escort' them back up the trail to a bench from where they could admire the sunset.

kochuthresiamma p j said...

incredible pictures.
the canyon-for me it's what i learnt in geography as a kid and what i've seen in the film like Mckenna's Gold - always fascinated me - never seen it.

Sujatha said...

Glad you liked the photos, Kochuthresiamma. I had a few other photos of GC, but most seemed rather washed out, even the panoramic ones. All needed 'auto correct' with the photo editing software to show up with a semblance of color and contrast, except for the one that I put up in the post, which is untouched except to reduce the size.