Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Gremlins Got My Money!

Today, M brought home from school a math problem to solve:

The chief clerk at Gremlins National Bank is worried. Each night he counts the money in the Big Red Box. On the first night there was $1500, and on the second night there was $1475. On the third night he found $1425, and on the fourth night he counted $1350. On the fifth night there was only $1250. If the money keeps disappearing in the same way, when will it all be gone?

Seriously, this sounds a lot like our IRAs in the past few days. Maybe those will vanish on the twelfth night, just like the money in the Gremlins National Bank's Big Red Box.


Lekhni said...

I heard a funny comment today (okay, not so funny) - at the rate the Dow is going, it's only twelve days to zero

Sujatha said...

Wasn't it a 680 point drop or so, with the Dow closing at 8600 or thereabouts? 12 days is right then, if the average drop every day is 680 points. What a coincidence that the number matches the solution to the Gremlins problem!

I ought to send a note to the teacher asking if she is psychic or something, but am afraid- what if she casts a spell to turn me into a newt or frog?

Lekhni said...

No fear, if she could really cast spells, she would be busy turning all the leaves and stones in her garden to gold, or greenbacks :)