Monday, October 13, 2008


Do you know where I can get an...Obama yard sign?
If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that, I would be able to singlehandedly bailout the US economy from its trillion dollar shortfall.
I tried donating some money to the campaign, in the hope that I would receive one of the yard signs, but the deadline for getting those by mail is still a few days away. Who knows when they will arrive, given that there is a shortage of wire holders for the signs. In the meantime, the increasing incidences of McCain-Palin signs in our majority Republican community is headache-inducing, to say the least, every time I go for a walk. No shortages of those signs, with some houses having even two or three of them planted in their yards.
But wait, what happened to the McCain-Palin sign prominently displayed at the house at the fork? Wasn't it there just a few days ago, next to the US Congressman's? Did they remove it after seeing the light with the McCain campaign's shameful use of the race card, or was it the random teenage sign-ripper at work?
Last weekend the doorbell rang, with my friend waving an Obama-Biden yard sign, campaign brochure and buttons in triumph.
"I got this for you at the W_ county union office! They were going to give me only one, but I talked them into giving me another one, which I might be able to place in my mom's yard. This one's for you, though."
I gratefully accepted this one, and timidly planted it a precise 14 feet away from the road (as per township regulations, though this rule is violated with impunity by other supporters who move it to within a few feet of the curb).
The other sign she had didn't stay much longer in her car, since another friend stopping by for the Navaratri rounds cajoled her into parting with it.
The next day, as another neighbor of mine walked his dog, he stopped by to admire my new sign and asked where he could get one. I promised him the one that was due to come in the mail, should it arrive in time.
Yesterday, as I walked the neighborhood, I saw another four or five signs that had sprouted up overnight, and passed another lady of Indian origin who was evidently walking in the area for the first time. She stopped by my house to ask, you guessed it, where she could get an Obama-Biden sign like mine. I gave her the brochure which doubled as a window poster on the other side, being the only other thing I had handy, since she sounded desperate to counter the sea of McCain-Palin signs that had sprouted like dandelions around her house.

Maybe I should take my preciousssss sign in at night or insure it against theft. It wouldn't do to lose a potential collectible that could go for a gazillion dollars on Ebay after the election...


Lekhni said...

Loved this :D Here's a toast to your gazillion dollars !

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

wow! things seem to be hotting up there!can feel the thrill in your tone.

Sujatha said...

@ Lekhni: Oops, my single sign just lost about 80% of its future value- more signs are starting to show up all over the township. I guess the campaign must be finally catching up with the yard sign backlog.
@Kochuthresiamma: It's still quite low key here, nothing like the raucous fanfare and glitz that I recall from elections in India. The mood in the campaign office where I volunteer is ploddingly steady, much like Obama's demeanor in all those TV debates.
It definitely feels like a hare and turtle race, with the hare currently tearing off in a completely opposite direction, headed for the starting line, while the turtle is some yards shy of the finish line.

Amit said...

Hmmm...I've been toying with the idea of putting up a "Vote Nader" sign on the balcony - and see how long the liberals/progressives aka Obama supporters tolerate it, or whether it will get defaced or not. :)

Sujatha said...


You should go right ahead and post your Nader sign. What makes you think that Democratic supporters will egg your sign- isn't freedom of speech an All-American value?

My yard sign finally arrived in the mail, so I can pass it on to one of my friends to display in their yard. It's good that the campaign delivered on its promise, although a few days later than I thought.

Sujatha said...

I'm now regretting not insuring my sign. It got ripped off the wire stand last night. Never fear, I'll have something nice and snarky up in place by the weekend, like 'Democracy = Stolen OBAMA Signs?' printed above the O_B campaign logo.