Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

But not the shopping kind.
The kind induced by terrorists who prey on innocent people, owe no loyalty to anything but the violence that they hold dearer than faith.
The fighting that still goes on, more than 50 hours after the first shot was fired, devolving into a nightmare that continues through the bright daylight and nights that follow.

Why do these things continue to happen?

With the bombings on the trains and in the markets, the horror of the moment was condensed to a few minutes and hours of tragic aftermath of rescue.
With this new urban warfare, the method of terrorizing the public mirrors the horrors of Columbine and Breslan, executed on a grand scale of citywide locations. Who plans and executes these, to what purpose?

We have no clear answers now, but I hope that the authorities will be able to get to the bottom of these, sooner rather than later, unburied by ponderous commissions that take years to come to conclusions, initiating rapid action to create rapid-response units to deal with this new kind of war.

Terror never sleeps, it just naps before its next rampage.


subbulakshmi said...

I am unable to sleep watching the ordeal. As you have rightly pointed out violence never sleeps, but naps! It is just too much to happen in India and there is no excuse for the government to find scapegoats.

Hope we get to see a peaceful world soon.

Sujatha said...

Now with all the signs pointing to an arm of the Lashkar-e-Toiba, the next steps should be not only to bring other conspirators to justice and choke their support base, but to also provide better training and equipment to the Mumbai (and other metropolitan) police- This whole episode has been a shameful indictment of the system that they currently have.