Monday, November 17, 2008


I was sitting on the sofa in the waiting room of M's dance class,just pretending to blend in with the myriad cushions and coats thrown randomly behind me. I suppose that must have been good enough camouflage, for who should come rushing in but a 13(or so)-year old girl in dance uniform (salwar kameez with dupatta tied across.), followed by a tall young older teen boy in an outsize salwar kurta.
Boy: "Why are you so late today?"
Girl: "What the fluff do you mean?"
Boy: "What the fluff! I just asked you why you missed the first half of the folk dance practice."
At this point, it seems to have registered upon him that I wasn't part of the furniture, so glancing quickly at me, he enunciated loudly for my benefit again "What the fluff!"
:roll eyes:
Maybe I ought to change the name of the blog, knowing that this apparently new unGoogleable usage of the term 'What the F_" being replaced by "What the Fluff" in teen circles is not far from joining the list of unmentionable terms. ( I even suspect S might be using this in social situations when he hangs out with friends)
Then again, what the Fluff... I cornered the name of my blog before this usage, so I'll let it stand.

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Amit said...

I use 'frak' when writing, inspired by Battlestar Galactica. It conveys the feeling without it coming across as lewd or shocking. :)