Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Commuter Survival Tip # 345

Invest in a decent car audio system and CD player. Or as in my case, bring all those unused cassettes out of retirement and pop them into the sole working audiosaurus in my 12-year old car : a state of the art (in 1996) car cassette player.

It's how I learned to love my long commutes and stop complaining about it. There's something about the dulcet tones of Bombay Jayashri's "Inta sowkhya" in mellifluous raaga Kaapi that makes it work better than a morning cup of 'Kaapi' (Tamilized rendition of 'coffee', for those unfamiliar with the lingo.) Or the assertive "Okapari kokapari" with M.S. Subbulakshmi and the ever-faithful supporting voice of her stepdaughter Radha Viswanathan. Or a lulling 'Alaipayuthey kanna" by the Mellifluous Maharajapuram Santhanam (that's what I think it said on the ancient cassette cover that I dug up from the bowels of the dusty audio cupboard in our living room.)

Next up, I might even manage a full practice session, if I manage to snag a cassettized version of an electronic tampura sruti (drone). 1/2 hour of singing full voice (windows closed, naturally) in crawling traffic could do wonders for my voice practice and culture, and all the listening could not but improve my ear training.

I might even get to work on time, if I can make it past the dreams of future music concert grandeur...


Sujatha said...

Please, plonk a video camera on the dashboard during those practice session, will ya?

Sujatha said...

Sure, if you don't mind my stopping halfway into an anupallavi with "Why don't you stop yakking on your cellphone you moron, and move over to the slow lane?" or some such. My facial contortions might rival that of any Bhagavatar on stage ( and not a pretty sight, I'm afraid.)

No, I shall stick to anonymity, and refuse to become the next Youtube legend!

Lekhni said...

I would love that youtube video WITH the commentary on your fellow drivers :) You can always make it a private video, if you want, and just send me the link!