Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Shovelful of Snow

The snow just kept coming and coming. We woke up this morning not to the alarm clock's barely audible beeps, but the "RRrrrrrr-thump" of the township's diligent snow truck plowing the road in front of our house (That's one of the joys of living on the sole access road into the neighborhood.Our driveway may be covered in 6 inches of the white stuff, but the road in front will always be a nice shiny black, generously sprinkled with road salt crystals.)

After getting the kids their breakfast ('Waffles or Lucky Charms? Omelettes? Sorry, we're out of eggs. Bagels, from Costco? Are you kidding? How are we going to drive out in the snow to get it?" Sighing, M and S shake the Lucky Charms and Cookie Crisps into their bowls.), I decide to get in on the 'activity bandwagon', trying out the brand new WiiFit game that my husband had been lucky enough to snag a week before it flew off the shelves at the aforementioned Costco.

Setup complete, I try the Yoga poses: Standing, half crescent, warrior pretty good, I suppose, considering that I spend 15 minutes on freestyle yoga every morning. But my tree pose shakes and shimmies, like a palm tree on a windy day. "You did put your foot down,didn't you", accused the Wiitrainer in her gentle monotone. "You need to build up the strength of your core muscles blah blah blah", as I click her off in the middle of her lecture.

Next, it's time for the balance games.'Try the Head the Ball game, Amma!' And suddenly, I find myself dodging not only soccer balls, but assorted flying shoes and panda heads. Methinks I know the secret of Dubya's agile avoidance of the shoes at the press conference, now. He must have been training well in advance for just such a situation!

Next, the Hula Hoop- what fun, at the risk of looking rather silly trying to move the hips in neat circles. Maybe I should get a real Hula hoop, that might be more challenging than just moving my hips.... Oh dear, this is getting quite exhausting, when is it going to be over, I'm just about ready to collapse. Get a real hoop? Perish the thought!

Alright, need to get thinking about what to do for lunch. I relinquish the Wiimote to the kids and head into the office for a cursory email check before I get started on making lunch. The email from the dance school said in essence "We're holding classes whether you make it here or not." Time to come up with a new plan, since I had been hoping for a cancellation due to snowy roads.
I threw the dal and spinach in the pressure cooker, the rice in the rice cooker, bundled up and set out to clear the driveway. Hubby was busy tapping away at his email, getting ready for another long conference call later. "Turn the stove off when you hear the pressure cooker whistle" I told him, as I went down to the garage.

Shovel, shovel, toil and trouble... My nose is dripping, the neighbors are waving cheerfully as they barrel down the road in their massive pickup trucks that presumably didn't need any cleared driveways, the driveway will likely take another month to clear... and all of a sudden, I've reached the end of the driveway, where the salty slush intersects with the pristine whiteness of the snow. Hubby opens the door: I look up hopefully. Will he offer to take my place?
"How many whistles before I turn off the pressure cooker?" To accentuate the point, he mimed one or three fingers.
I lift my hand and indicate one with my index finger. See, that was easy, and didn't require much self-control in the least ;)
I head back to the uncleared zone near my husband's side of the driveway and start slowly working on it, might as well finish that up, I supposed. Think of all the extra calories that I might be burning. Or maybe not, since pushing snow hardly qualifies as hard labor in comparison with bend-and-lift shovelling. The door opens once again. Hubby shouts "It didn't whistle yet!" I yelled back "Just turn it off!"
Driveway done, I trudge back in. M and S are chirping hungrily, exhausted after their morning snow battle and fort building activities, as well as Wii rounds earlier on. I make the dal, tamarind stew and set out the table in a record 15 minutes after getting back to the kitchen.

Who says Mom can't be a superwoman? I certainly felt like one after all that I managed to pack in the morning, plus the drive to the dance class after lunch.


Amit said...

Indian moms (or maybe moms in general?) could easily teach some practical lessons in multi-tasking, time and project management to any business student. I wonder whether there are any courses in MBA programs - "go observe your mom for a week and then write a report." That would be quite an eye-opener!

Sujatha said...

I think moms invented multitasking. It has its disadvantages, especially while doing the final 'Shavasana' in a yoga session. The mind wanders, incessantly,"Is that the milk cooker whistle I hear?" Or "Oops, S hasn't got up yet, must I run up and wake him up before he gets too late for his bus?". On the other hand, I've developed a single-minded laser-sharp focus when driving - To make it hook or crook past the pesky Tunnel of Horrors before rush-hour traffic starts to pour out of downtown.
I'm sure there's a PhD or two to be had investigating the evolutionary need for the females of the species to be better at multitasking than the males. I suppose no infants would have made it through their childhood if the mothers hadn't been able to effectively juggle multiple processes at the same time.

Sujatha said...

Hey are you guys psyched about the Steelers? C's teacher is a fan and so C's been rooting for them. :)

Sujatha said...

Here, it's more than a simple rooting, it's a a religion of its own! No one may go to heaven, unless they twirl a Terrible Towel, wear Steelers black and gold on casual Fridays and chant the mantra of "Here we go Steelers, here we go!" 1008 times.
We root for them enthusiastically but not as fanatically as the average 'Burgher does,I suppose. Though we still don't own any Steeler memorabilia, S has been asking for a jersey, which I may cave in and get him before Superbowl.

Lekhni said...

Would I displease you excessively if I said I was rooting for the Cardinals? They are the underdog, after all..

Sujatha said...

Not at all, Lekhni. I'm at best a nominal adherent to the Steelers cult. Can't stand watching the stuff, and confine my 'support' to flitting in and out and uttering suitable comments at random intervals, especially can't stand all those 'Black and Gold' days at school and office. As one of my colleagues said "It's more about supporting the clothing manufacturer than supporting the team, at this point!"