Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Misty Moisty Morning

The fog sat thick on the ground yesterday, as I peered out between the curtains. We don't have too many of these misty mornings, normally, but this is the second in as many weeks. It's the kind of morning that makes the photographers run out and twirl around in a tizzy, photographing every ghostly tree trunk in sight.
But I have 30 miles to drive, and decide to take my chances on the rush hour route, driving through a maze of side roads to get to the highway.
The trees still rear up through the mist, cloaked in the mysterious veil of the fog. (Mystery, mist, any etymological connection, I wonder, mind off on a tangent? Not really, and I checked later on the internet, just to be sure.)
I slow down near the 'wildlife sanctuary' near our home- a large flattish expanse of grass and a few trees, once occupied by a house, which has since been demolished. It's home to about two dozen turkeys, a small herd of deer and about four groundhogs, all of which can be seen at assorted intervals during the day. Today, no luck seeing any, as I drive slowly through the fog. No turkeys darting across the road after looking out for cars, nor deer, no groundhogs daring death by munching studiously just inches away from the asphalt. Just the red demon eyes of the car before me, driving down the hill slowly for the same reason as mine.
I turn on the radio, and turn it off. Silence befits this fog better than music. The sun is already higher in the sky, a pale white disc trying to blaze through the fog. I would normally be wearing sunglasses by this time, but not today.
The trees haven't started to leaf out yet, and are just starting to bud out, little moist branch tips shimmering through the mist. Daffodils are now starting to show up in the flower beds of the lawns I drive by, visible only at close range. The fog still swallows the road a hundred yards down, daring the driver to slice through it. There aren't that many to take on the challenge, though.
I make it to work in about 20 minutes less time than the usual commute, the fog slowly clearing as I drove through to the parkway, the fumes and roar of the traffic replacing the white quietness of the neighborhoods.

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