Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Layered Rant

Clothes, current fashions, more sartorial shenanigans.Sigh.
I was folding up M's laundry yesterday when I was reminded that it was high time to go clearance hunting again. But I have no illusions that it will be easy to find anything that I consider remotely suitable wear for a tiny 8-year old who is not into Hannah Montana or the High School Musical XV (in which a doddering Zac Efron and blue-haired Vanessa Ann Hudgens play geriatric sweethearts separated by a scheming old biddy named Sharpay who has her eye on the bank account of .....never mind.)
Standing by the clearance racks, I close my eyes and start to feel the fabrics. Slippery polyester chiffon- lovely prints but not suitable for day to day wear. It wouldn't make for comfortable climbing of the jungle gym. And worse, the paper thin knits, which look like the lowest quality output of Tiruppur's factories.
'The layered look is just the thing.' The Google abounds in reams of advice on how to layer the clothes to look like the latest photoshoot from the fashion catalogs or pop magazines. But all of these have the essential component of thin, barely-there knit camisoles, topped by even thinner woven or weblike gossamer thin fabrics, with the underwear showing generously under the peekaboo necklines.
I HATE THESE LAYERS. Even if the fashion is on its way out. Because I know that all of those will be inhabiting the clearance bins that I love to rummage in. My only hope is that sanity returns for the current season, so I won't be forced to struggle next year to clothe M in clothes that wouldn't survive three washes without looking moth-eaten.

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