Sunday, May 31, 2009

War on Thistles-Part II

Move over 'War on Terror'... we need to expand the war on Thistles. They have taken over the world again, just like last summer.
Or this might just prove to be the solution to the energy crisis. Instead of acres of silicon faces turned sunwards, imagine the deserts filled with the 6 feet tall stalks of giant thistles, shimmering and waving gently in the winds like the seas of golden corn in the prairie.
All we need now is a method to convert the harvested thistles into a thick oozy black liquid that can quench the thirst of our revving engines. Inventors and biochemists, don't wait a nanosecond longer. Off to your drawing boards and on with your 'thinking' caps!
I spent a good hour today in the balmy weather, gloves being my only protection, as our once-trusty Weedhound refused to cooperate after its Winter of Discontent in the unheated garage.
I had a black sackfull of thistles, weighing in at about 30 pounds.
The garden looks clean for now, and my vegetable patch is finally ready for some plantings.
Or perhaps, I shall not bother this year. A few weeks away on vacation, and my precious kitchen garden will look like the final battle of Terminator Thistlenation.

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