Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Tag with a Mission

The above web video is an effort to raise public funding for Dr. Sudhir Paul's further research into a promising approach towards a true HIV vaccine. He is the husband of my friend and co-blogger Ruchira Paul ( Accidental Blogger).

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Mission Anti-HIV

As Dr. Paul says in this video, the 'abzyme' approach to attacking the virus at the special weak point could pave the way to developing a low-cost and highly effective approach to attacking the HIV virus, and in the long run, other deadly or debilitating viruses. (More information is available at the website for the Covalent Immunology Foundation.)

Rather than just rely on funds from mega-pharmaceutical companies, the foundation is making an appeal to the general public to contribute small amounts of money, believing that the power of the numbers on the internet can help finance this research and pave the way to a lower-cost vaccine than can be generated via corporate funding alone.

The results of the Thai AIDS vaccine trials have been much trumpeted in the news media, even if it helped only 23 less people get full-blown AIDS in the experimental group with the placebo group, with a grand total of 16000 people in the trial. However, doubts are beginning to set in on whether those results might be purely statistical in nature, rather than a real breakthrough.
Dr.Paul's approach could very well be one of the more promising current modes of attack against the HIV virus.

So, I'm tagging you, my friends in the blogosphere, if you are convinced, to please consider passing on the above information via your blog, and to tag five others in turn, so this can spread like...well, a virus.

Sujatha @ Blogpourri
Kochuthresiamma @ Pareltank
Usha @ AgelessBonding
Jenn@OfCabbages&Kings - I know your's is a humor blog, but some things are worth risking the occasional serious post, such as fighting HIV ;)

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Another video that shows the precise mechanism behind the 'abzyme' approach in greater detail:


Sujatha said...

Hi Sujatha, will take this up. Thanks for bringing attention to this. Cheers!

Sujatha said...

Thanks, Sujatha. I do hope that this tag spreads and gets the momentum it deserves.

Ruchira said...

Sujatha (the one who is my co-blogger):

Thanks for posting this on F 'n' S and for bringing it to the attention of your readers.

Thanks also to the bloggers who have graciously agreed to take up Sujatha's tag request.

On the 4th anniversary of Sujatha's "other" blog, I invite F 'n' S readers to visit Accidental Blogger.

Ruchira said...

Posting the link to another video that explains the science a little better.

Sujatha said...

Thanks, Ruchira, I've added the new video to the original post.