Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Contagious Virus

I got mine from Kochuthresiamma (Pareltank), who evidently caught hers from Lekhni, who caught hers from Shefaly... and so on down the line.
This is the 'Blogthemitis' virus. I remember looking at all those new themes and thinking my blues were too blue for comfort, my fluffy clouds too bright and decided to try out a new theme. This theme is the blogger theme 'Mr. Moto' ( and yes, I refuse to pick Mrs.Moto because it's all pink in a shade that I can't abide.)
I was tempted to mess around with other templates on, but succumbed to the easy way out of picking an existing Blogger template, just so that I didn't have to lose all my little lists and widgets.
That's a project for the winter months, and a new look to be unveiled in the spring, when the next bout of Blogthemitis strikes.


Lekhni said...

It is just the thing to do in winter! A cup of hot tea (or coffee), a book and/ or a laptop are the best cures for the cold :)

Lekhni said...

And oh, I love the new flower and the new color scheme! There is something about gray..

Sujatha said...

Actually, I had problems getting the earlier 'new theme' template to work with the photo I wanted for the header, so reverted to the old template, and discovered that I had lost my old banner. So, I created a new one from a test iGoogle theme (which iGoogle refused to accept), and then realized it looked off with the bright blues of the 'Thisaway' blogger theme.
Mr.Moto was a lifesaver, since the colors exactly matched what I had selected for the FnS banner text!
And the flower- that was a bug bitten dahlia that I shot as a macro, it was windy and somehow turned out with this 'to-die-for' deep blue background, even though no such color existed that day.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

didnt realise i got it from lekhni. the subliminal impact of what we see!
mr moto is a new arrival, i think. dont remeber seeing it earlier.

Sujatha said...

That's the sneaky thing about viruses. By the time you realize you've caught it, it's too late. (M...u...s...t r...e...s...i...s...t u...r...g...e t..o mess around with blog themes and templates again!!!)