Monday, January 25, 2010

Facebook Fatigue

Sorry, I've been remiss with the posting. I'm exhausted from just contemplating getting on Facebook, which I joined a little over a week ago. Following multiple threads of conversations between friends and friends of friends without frying a few brain cells is impossible.
Till I was brought to my senses by this post by Kathy at Junkdrawer:
For all the comments, snarky or otherwise, which I managed to come up with as response to friends' comments or updates, I could have written a few blog posts, opining about those all to myself.
I struggle to keep the conversation going, or just zone off, and hit the logout button within barely a minute of logging on. I've religiously set my privacy settings to Only Friends, determined that no innocent or not-so-innocent comment of mine doesn't reach the prying eyes of those-who-shall-not-be-named. I've set up albums of pretty flowers and seashells and landscapes, just to test the feature. The only personal photos that I put up are a couple of sober webcam shots that show me looking seriously grim at the whole affair.
The Facebook Friending phenomenon is another quandary. To friend or not to friend, that is the question.
How bad is it to be on the receiving end of an ignored friend request? I had a taste of that when I attempted to reconnect with a long-lost cousin. It felt like a slap on the wrist when she brushed me off, even though I half expected it. Presumably it feels the same to someone whose friend request you ignore, unless of course they are spammers from Outer Mongolia or such.
For the time being, the experiment is still on. I'm already tiring of even the daily check lasting 2 minutes. I may go to a weekly check instead, and let it fade even further, should that feel too exhausting.


subbulakshmi said...

I feel the same. In future I will stick to the email.

Lekhni said...

Looks like we joined at the same time. I haven't gotten around to spending much time on FB either..

Sujatha said...

I think the key to having fun on FB is to be logged on at all times. That's the only way you can have a running conversation. FB is blocked at work, so I can't check there, even if I wanted to (but am not really interested enough to agonize about it.)
I think I like one-on-one conversations with friends better, but picking up a phone is definitely more to the purpose.
Blogs allow you to bloviate at length and deal with comments at your own pace, which I prefer, rather than the immediacy of throwing out a thought or two and looking at assorted short responses.

Ruchira said...

Sujatha, I too wonder how many bloggers are neglecting their blogs because they are spending too much time on FB. I suspect that Abbas surely is, given how active he is no Facebook. But he has a slew of authors who keep 3 QD humming. I have been remiss in posting on A.B. not so much because of FB but due to a general blogging fatigue after more than four years of furious posting (or at least three and a half years). The choice is neither here nor there. Either way, you are chained to the computer which is the habit I am having trouble overcoming. I mean my "real" reading has taken a big hit ever since I got addicted to the cyber world.

Anyway, I am glad you joined. You, my sister and another person I met in the blogosphere are three reluctant people I successfully dragged into the weird world of FB.

Sujatha said...

I've heard of some other friends who are seriously addicted and spend all their time online juggling comments and updates on their FB walls.It feels a bit like a cocktail party, without the indepth conversation, just assorted tossoffs, and I am not a party person.
I keep seeing interesting articles, and try to remember to blog about them, but don't find time during weekdays. I will try to do so more frequently, now that I've broken the FB chain.