Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowmageddon- Yes, I know it's a tired cliche by now, but can't think of anything else to describe it.

I'm tired of the white stuff. It looked so pretty as it softly enfolded the landscape on Friday afternoon. I raced home from work at the first signs of a snowflake or two, hoping to beat the traffic jam that would surely ensue once the snow started sticking to the roadways.
The weather forecasters have a lousy track record here in Pittsburgh. '12 inches, fear, fear, terra terra, run for the hills, the bunkers, stock up on bread and toilet paper....' and we would get a piddling 3 inches, barely enough cause to break out our snow shovels.
This storm, as I tracked it on radar, was a bright green, but had started to turn an ominous pink and white as it headed past Chicago.' Maybe this is really going to be a big one,' I mused. We would be well set to deal with this, I was sure, having finished my routine grocery shopping by Thursday evening
Late Friday night, we saw pink lightning in the sky behind our neighbors. Two electrical wires rubbing against each other due to the weight of the snow put on a spectacular show of buzzes and sparks, as  we called 911 to alert them of possible downed lines and electrical fires.
In the morning, it was surreal. Heavy branches bent over with the weight of several inches of snow. We couldn't open the front door, with about 18 inches outside. The snow piled up to 2 ft or more on our deck (See photo). A pine tree had keeled over a neighbor's driveway. Another had lost its main trunk. Our dogwood had a broken off main branch as well.
We opened the garage door and were faced with a huge pile of snow, towering over the snow blower's intake by a clear foot. We would have to skim off a foot before we could even attempt to use the snowblower.
And so we shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. Every few hours or so. The driveway isn't completely clear yet, but at least we have a fighting chance of reaching the road by Monday morning.

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