Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mommy Blogging meets Marketers

Am I a mommy blogger? I suppose so, since a good chunk of my posts get tagged with Kids, as evidenced by the word cloud on the side of the page. But do I talk only about my kids and their activities, view life filtered through the prism of their experiences? I don't think so. I blog about my perspective on things, not always that of my kids. So it's a Me-blog, me incidentally being a mommy as well as many other things.

I don't pretend to fall in the league of the jet-set Mommy Bloggers, highlighted in this NY Times piece:
"Whereas so-called mommy blogs were once little more than glorified electronic scrapbooks, a place to share the latest pictures of little Aidan and Ava with Great-Aunt Sylvia in Omaha, they have more recently evolved into a cultural force to be reckoned with. Embellished with professional graphics, pithy tag lines and labels like “PR Friendly,” these blogs have become a burgeoning industry generating incomes ranging from $25 a month in what one blogger called “latte money” to, for a very elite few, six figures."

I've toyed with the idea of enabling the Google AdSense, to 'Monetize' my blog. But it still feels like a cop-out to me. I throw around brand-names in the course of my ramblings, but they are not the be-all of the story, just props that could be replaced by any generic name that would work. Do I want highlighted words with ads for those products flashing on my blog page?  No.

I have precious few readers and those that do come back for the slices of life (and how-tos on Victorian ringlets;), and I fear they will be chased away if I sell out. So I will continue with my tiny corner of the blogosphere, untrammeled by burdens of trying to market and highlight products to 'select audiences'. This is just a creative outlet, not a money-making proposition.


Ruchira said...

Ditto from another Mommy (in my case, Mummy) blogger, although hardly any of my posts refer to my "kids." And in the rare cases that they do, the story is about a broader general issue. Anyway, no Google AdSense for me either although I have been tempted a couple of times, only to cover what I pay Typepad. It is enough that Google reads my e-mails since the ad on the gmail page seem to correspond to what I write.

Sujatha said...

Actually, I should say 'Amma blogger', since that's what my kids still call me. No 'Mommy' or 'Mummy' for them. I perused a few of the 'Mommy blogs' and it is quite clear that it is primarily an outlet for many whose main contacts with the world outside the home is with other moms who share their concerns over the best kind of high chair to buy, or whether it was the papaya that upset baby's stomach the other day. It's easily done during naptimes and keeps them comforted that they are able to interact as adults with others, even if their conversation flows primarily from their children's activities.
Once the kids get older, it becomes, I hope,in a slightly different sense,blogging 'From the home, to the world'.