Monday, April 26, 2010

Alien Nation

Just as Arizona passes a law that permits its law enforcement officials to stop any likely looking suspect and demand "Your papers, please", we have this strange possibility posited by Stephen Hawking, of all people, regarding how Aliens from other planets may regard humans on Earth- No more than ants to be crushed under feet, if human history and the treatment of conquered peoples is any indication.
S recently made a stop-motion animation cartoon which portrays a couple of robotic 'aliens' who approach a manned barricade, which they proceed to barrel through with ease, despite the increasing sophistication of the arms used to guard it. At the end, one of the aliens keels over, and the other scoots away in a hurry. All this, at the sight of a sign demanding "Immigration: Passports please". This was from a few weeks ago, before the Arizona law was passed in the legislature.
I knew it, S is psychic!


Lekhni said...

S made an animation cartoon? Wow, I am impressed. Did he draw it or is it computer graphics?

Sujatha said...

This is using stop motion animation with little toys and blocks (same technique as the movie Fantastic Mr.Fox). He's worked on other more elaborate computer animated stuff too, primarily using Blender.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

had posted a comment on those post in answer to ur query abt my health. doesnt seem to have got posted.
u were right. am not keeping well. undergoing treatment again. hence the long silence in the blogsphere.
btw, i intent to come out of this health set back:-)

Sujatha said...

Hope that your health recovers well, all the best, Kochuthresiamma!