Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day...mumble, mumble...

"Happy Mother's Day", announces the email inbox. "Mother's day sale at B&N (or Amazon or wherever)" shouts another exuberant email header.
Thankfully, no more after today. At least, not for another year. Next week will start the onslaught of "Have you planned for Father's day and the wonderful gift/card you are going to buy?"

Yay for all the hand-drawn cards and heartfelt scribbles, the bouquets, the restaurant dinners and over-the-top gifts! We children do it dutifully, because to not do so, would be to not conform to social expectations of using this day to appreciate our moms. We think that it maybe absolves us from all the times we just brushed off Mom's tired nagging with "There she goes again."
But what goes around comes around.It just takes the passage of time to realize that  for all the 'attitudes' you came up with in your time with your mom, you are now repeating the pattern with your own kids.
What does Mom truly want? And not just only on Mother's Day.
Happy Kids. Healthy Kids. Successful Kids.Happy Me.
In that order.
If we can't have it all, as happens so often, we'll take 'Happy Kids' over everything else.
Thank you very much.

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