Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Purple(not) Coneflowers

It's mid-summer, and the coneflowers are finally in bloom. Or should I say, in varying stages of bloom. A few mornings ago, I went out to take my usual macro shots of the beauties, and this time achieved a paint-like effect in photographing all of them, without much trouble or effort at all. Enjoy!


kochuthresiamma p .j said...

u truly r a nature lover!

Sujatha said...

Or a macro-lover, I guess.I think I would be very happy if ordinary point-and-shoots were to have a 100x magnification mode with the optics to match (no digital zoom for me, that is so craven!)

Lekhni said...

Pretty. I've always wanted to grow the white variety of purple coneflowers right next to the purple ones. Which reminds me, my purple ones are also in bloom and I need to take pictures of them.

sujata said...

lovely shots!

Sujatha said...

Thanks, Lekhni, Sujata.
I did see the white coneflower at the local Home Depot, but decided against picking them up this year. I was looking for more color, and ended up buying bee balm, red coreopsis and blue speedwell, instead.
I've added a couple of 'bonus' pics to the post: tiger swallowtail butterfly on my coneflowers and a bunny contemplating whether my new rose plant is edible or not.