Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scarves and Knives

Today's HuffingtonPost had a fluff piece on a gushing writer's Paris visit and her adventures trying to buy a 150 Euro scarf(!!!). The knives were out in the comments on her badly spelled French, while others turned equally gushy at the Frenchness of the story, which excused any 'dramatic license' claimed by the author.
"It is considerably unfortunate that your editor lets you publish an article so full of spelling mistakes. I know it’s French but someone, somewhere should be able to verify it. You’ve managed to make at least one mistake per sentence. Whatever Internet translation tool you’ve used was not suited for professional work.
Sloppy, sloppy work."
 The author's response:
"I beg to differ with you, Mademoiselle. It would have been ever so easy for me to use an Internet translation. I make a point in the piece that I can get by speaking French, but barely...and that my French grammar stinks. The piece would not be an honest representation of my experience if I appeared to be fluent when writing in French. I chose to write it as I speak it. Consider it dramatic license. And thank you for taking the time to read my post."

Only, Madame (or Mlle. as the case may be) isn't aware that the French ladies don't seem to wear scarves any more. It's the foreign tourists who go gaga over the gorgeous scarves and shell out insane amounts of money for a silly piece of fabric.
Unless, of course, like me (The Queen of Miserlia), they purchase the 3 scarves for 10 Euros deal at the souvenir hunter's paradise near Pont St.Michel.

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