Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All Pinked Out

This month has everything in sight turning Pink, fountains, cabs, billboards, junk mail, you name it,  as a reminder of the fight against Breast Cancer. But I have a case of Pink Fatigue, much like this NYTimes blogger.
(In fact, I suspect she stole (a la Inception) into my pink-addled dreams and pilfered my initially planned blog post title.)
Case in point: At a recent PTA meeting, we were exhorted to wear pink, and if we didn't, we were kindly supplied with pink frosted cupcakes, pink lemonade and handmade pink ribbon pins by some crafty mom who filled her evening with creating such delights, till we screamed Uncle and submitted pinkfully to the pink. All Hail the Pink Ribbon!
Even the superintendent turned up in a pale pink shirt with his regulation black suit, claiming it was the only thing that he owned in pink. The initiator of the 'Think Pink' trend was much gratified, but cast a slightly jaundiced eye at my non-regulation trending to magenta pink top, largely camouflaged by a pale blue hoodie.
Of course, it's all about symbolism, marketing, tons of money flowing in to the corporations that choose to participate (with miniscule donations to the American Cancer Society or Susan Komen Foundation.) A backlash has long since begun, even against the excessive commercialism that seems to permeate the issues behind seeking a cure for a very serious disease.
Seriously speaking, I would rather see more reasoned discussion of the environment, the social trends and other well-supported known causes for the increases in incidence of breast cancer, rather than cutesy exhortations to 'Think Pink' and pour money into the coffers of big 'corporate sponsors', some of whom hawk or even contribute to the increase in incidence, either through their products or the means by which they operate.

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