Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy and Junky

S's axiom:"If they tell you that it's healthy, it will definitely taste terrible. If they tell you that it's junk, it's gonna be tasty.'

One marketing company decided to take the idea that health food ought to be marketed as junk food to the bank when approached by a Carrot Mega-processing firm to design an ad campaign to sell more of their carrots.
"Farhang and his colleagues unveiled storyboards with concepts for a series of winking, self-aware junk-food ads. One ad featured a baby-carrot-branded spray tan, endorsed by Snooki, the star of MTV's Jersey Shore. ("Doritos could potentially do something like that, with the cheese-dusted color of their product," Farhang explains.) In another, a sultry model, surrounded by billowing black silk, runs a carrot slowly across her lips as a voice-over purrs about indulgence -- think Dove chocolates. The best one seemed inspired by a Mountain Dew commercial. A skater dude rides a jet-powered shopping cart through a desert pass, dodging baby-carrot gunfire. Things blow up. There's a pterodactyl. "Extreme pterodactyl!" the voice-over yells.
"To have a great advertising idea, you have to get at the truth of the product," Farhang explains. "The truth about baby carrots is they possess many of the defining characteristics of our favorite junk food. They're neon orange, they're crunchy, they're dippable, they're kind of addictive."
So, here's to the junk-food like design of veggie bags, competing for the eyeballs of the jaded consumer along side the cool Cheeto Cheetahs and Rainbow colored neon cereal boxes.

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