Saturday, November 26, 2011

Earworms, Kolaveri and Thalavali

If you frequent any of the Indian news websites, you will be convinced by now that Anirudh Ravichander is the next A.R (Rahman??) in the making, and Dhanush the next Bobby Dylan, or some such thing. Their Youtube promo " Why this Kolaveri di" for the movie '3' has taken on cult status with the views now standing at 5.7 million and counting. It has spawned imitations as well, with this 'Carnaticized' version as a good example

The tune is catchy and quite an Earworm, but the appeal of the lyrics is still a puzzle to me and probably a few million others. Why would mangled English with an '-u' attached (the sound is more like a shortened rendition of 'eww'  without the pursing of the lips), become the latest craze-u?  I vunder-u.

Will this virus go international, or is it just going to be the hordes of delighted expatriates who drool over this new phenomenon? Only time will tell, and as we all know, the internet affords only about 15 microseconds of fame to any viral video before the next one comes along to displace it.

In the mean time, I must go off to get rid of this terrible 'Thalavali' (headache) that has been possessing my head since yesterday. "Why this Thalavali-di?"

-Update: This is now officially a 'Gold award'ed Youtube phenomenon, having surpassed the 20 million view mark. It's gone international as well, as seen in this compedium of the top 10 Kolaveri-di spoofs and imitations.

I heard a proper Tamil translated version of the Tanglish in the original, and while it is nicely done, I can see why the Tanglish had more appeal. It grabs at you in a way the Tamil words do not.

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Balachandran V said...

Earworm! Thanks, that's a new one to my vocabulary!