Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

A rather belated set of New Year Wishes to all my readers for 2012!

I have just returned from a short dash to India and back to visit my family. These kinds of trips are always sagas in themselves, even if the duration has been shortened from the months needed for ship voyages to just hours on planes. I traveled on one of the few airlines where you were not assaulted with Christmas music over the PA system all the time, or manned by stewards/stewardesses with Santa Hats, so Christmas Day 2011 itself passed in a bleary eyed sleepiness of reclined seats, wakeups for feedings, occasional trots down the aisle (must fend off Deep Venous Thrombosis at all costs). No sign of Santa flying outside. Or rather, M was too dazzled with the inflight entertainment to care.
Next time, I could lighten my handbag and her backpack with lot less reading material. We did not crack open any books during the flights. Or maybe I should just get a Kindle or Nook or tablet.
The 12-14 hour flights are murder on the back and legs, of course, but Emirates has the best and most comfortable seats in Economy class, with the way their A-380's are configured. We always had enough wiggle room, even with the seats before us reclined.  Of course now, I ought to be cautious about singing the praises of the A-380, given that premature wing rib cracks are causing some concern in various airline fleets. But it is a supremely comfortable aircraft.
The Economy class isn't as fantastic as the First Class, but the slideshow had me in a fit of giggles " Divider that you can lower to talk to your neighbor?" And the 'fully stocked mini-bar' (Pity the keffiyeh-ed gentleman, who has to settle for a tame cup of orange juice, despite the fancy vodkas, handcrafted liquors etc.) But I do envy them the total flat bed. That is worth every penny they charge for it, obnoxious (and block-offable) neighbors with mini-bars or not.

As for India: the more it changes, the more it remains the same. There will be more of this trip and observations in future blog posts.

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