Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome to Pigsburgh!

O give me a road,
Where the pot-bellied pigs roam,
Where the cars are just parked in a line,
Where they crawl every day
Down the slowest Parkway
Just under the Pigsburgh sign.

(to the tune of Home on the Range)

I join the morning crawl, on one of the US' slowest commutes, only bettered by knotty gnarls in New York city and Los Angeles- the dreaded Parkway West.
This morning seemed no different. I reached the midpoint from the Carnegie on-ramp around 8:05 am, top of Greentree Hill by 8:20, Fort Pitt tunnel by 8:42. A good and routine time, whiled away by practicing my singing, while trying not to spook the driver ahead of me by making faces that would be visible in her rearview mirror.
In doing so, I missed the drama unfolding behind me, the legend of the nattily attired Pot Bellied Pig who trotted down the 'fast' lane of the Parkway. A little pig, wearing a scarf, made its way onto the parkway, running past bemused observers, some of who got out to photograph the phenomenon.
This is one little pig, who lost its way from the market, and hopefully, made it all the way home. It scurried into the woods after some distance.
I guess that there is a silver lining to the slow crawl traffic on the Parkway every morning, otherwise the little pig would have been turned into bacon, rather than surviving its adventure by the hairs of its chinny-chin-chin.

More photos and a funny radio commentary

Update: Not to be out done by a pig, a bull and a cow stopped the traffic on Route 28, today.
What's next, horses horsing around Route 19? At this rate, Pittsburgh should rename itself to Farmsburgh, given that the traffic is being tied up so frequently by domesticated animals.

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