Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Can do Craft

Of late, I've rediscovered a love of crafting. I've resurrected a couple of knitting projects, one being an afghan with blue, black, green and white squares,  that I had intended to get ready before S went off to college. Now that he is at college, it behooves me to finish it up and send it to him before he completes his first year.
The second is Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit afghan, which was stuck at square 11 out of 63. I completed 11 and am now ready to tackle square 12, in cream and country blue.
The reason for all this, I confess, is a new-found addiction of sorts to Go online, check out the boards in the DIY and Craft categories, and I would defy anyone to not get drawn into thinking- "That's so easy! I must try it myself!"
And so I did, starting with trying out an aluminum foil craft ( with reasonable success) for a group of teens attending M's birthday party. Then it was off to embellish a couple of Pirouline cans, dolling them up with a lovely printed paper napkin from Pier One Imports. Here is the end result. The method is simple, just paint the can sides with glue, wrap the unfolded napkin around. The ends are clipped, folded and glued on the base and on the top. The same technique works for the lids as well.
Now I envision a series of specialty paper napkin inspired cans and canisters, maybe with a coating or two of Mod Podge.

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