Saturday, April 20, 2013

Morning Magic and Auroral Disappointments

A few days ago, avid skygazers were alerted that a possibly sighting of the Northern Lights was in store for Pennsylvania. "Hie thee outdoors at eight o' clock in the evening!" was the command. We eagerly hustled out to stare at a dimming deep blue sky. After standing around for about ten minutes, we decided that like many 'astronomical shows', this one was a no-show.
That's not to say that I have never seen the Northern lights over Pittsburgh.  Maybe a couple of years ago, as I was driving down a little vale approaching my home, a green glimmer lit up the sky above for all of two seconds, and vanished. I looked up the internet that day and it was confirmed.The Northern Lights had come to town on that day, relatively unnannounced, caught in my vision by pure luck.
Yesterday morning, I walked my usual circuit and was treated to the most gorgeous eastern skies that I have seen in a while. Myriad shades of pink, orange, and blue melding together.It was ten minutes of pure enchantment, as the colors glowed, even through the silhouettes of blossoming trees.
I thought of trying to take a photo once I reached home, as the glow continued. I ducked into the house, came out wielding my camera. And just like that- Poof! The magical glow was gone, replaced by dull utilitarian grey blue clouds.
That's the quality of magic, I guess. Try to capture it, and it sometimes decides to vanish.

(Here is the closest approximation that I could find of the colors of the dawn on the web, and the Northern Lights)

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