Saturday, June 1, 2013

Early Bird

The robin yanked and yanked. The worm was fat and long.Very, very long. In fact, the worm was about twice the length of the small robin. I stopped and watched expectantly for the robin to fly away in short order with its prize.
The minute stretched to two, then five. The robin kept pecking at various points of the worm, tossing it around and dragging it around in the grass. Surely, the robin wasn't wrestling the worm, was it?
A few attempts later, the robin managed to find a weak spot in the worm and bit it, not quite in half. The part it tried to pick up was too long.  I don't know with what idea, but Robin started pulling Worm towards a cover for underground cables, lying flat in the grass. Then she abandoned the idea. (Yes, I think it was a she, based on the size, male robins tend to be larger.)
She went to the other part, and after some maneuvering, managed to wrap the worm in loose loops around her beak.
Now came the hard part. Would she be able to take off and fly to the nest with the heavy loops of worm weighing her down?
She charged up the asphalt driveway, hopping rather desperately in an attempt to get airborne. But the aerodynamics weren't quite right. She paused near the top of the driveway, as I moved past the pine to get a better view of what she would do next.
The lawn sloped steeply away at that point, so she started the downward run, this time finally taking off in a flurry of beating wings, as  the ground fell away below her.

Airborne at last and home to feed the kids!