Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Deep Freeze

Or Polar Vortex, to mimic the media's latest buzzword. It does have a cooler ring to it than merely saying 'It's cold!'

I don't recall seeing these kinds of sub-zero temperatures since the last twenty years. The first time that I did, I was a new mother with a jaundiced new-born, necessitating daily trips by bundled up nurses to test his bilirubin levels. The cold weather left me unshaken, cozy as I was in our overheated small apartment with heaters blasting out a balmy 75 degrees fahrenheit.

Now, it's all I can do to exhort a newly-minted non-teenager to dress appropriately for the sub-zero temperatures as he returns for the 'spring semester' in college.

How do the birds survive this bitter cold, I wonder. The birdfeeder on the deck stands sadly empty, a large hole rusted the bottom out entirely, and I haven't had the time  to go and get a new one. I should do so pronto, maybe even tomorrow, urged on by the tips on this website. Water and high-protein feeds, that's the key to providing the few birds that remain in the area with some sustenance.

Sorry, Deer. You are out of luck the next time you approach the bird-feeder for a snack. I will have replaced the rusted one with a brand new one that will not yield this year to your depradations ( I hope.)
But wait a few days longer and this Polar Hell will be gone, with balmier temperatures in the 20's returning by the end of the week.

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