Saturday, January 24, 2015

A word of advice

To all those spammers who 'love my writing' and are desperately trying to get their comments with links to their websites, please come up with actual decent readable content on your sites ( a personal blog similar to mine, with tons of actual stories and/or experiences would be ideal), and I might even condescend to publish your comments. Supplements and hacking tools infomercial sites, not so much.
Think about it! Repent and turn into bloggers, all ye spammers, and the Great AntiSpambot shall relent and graciously allow your comments to come through the Eye of the Needle...err...Spam Filter.

Update: Nice try! A spammer tried sending me links to CNN, then to the personal blog of some author of young adult books. Sorry, guys, you will have to try harder. Just valid links aren't enough. I demand that you actually read my posts and come up with actual valid responses to the material in the blog post. Not just 'lovely post', and 'I would love to link to it' etc. Those are red flags, especially if accompanied by suspicious links.


Lekhni said...

The best part about moving from my own website back to is that I do not get any spam these days, or at least none that is not automatically filtered out. Earlier, it used to be in the hundreds every day, and quite a few would be undetected by by spam filter.

Of course, I realize that spam is directly proportional to visibility in google and the amount of google visitors one gets, so the 95% of visitors I used to get from google is now probably 1%.

Sujatha said...

Since this blog is hosted through Google, I imagine that my already tiny amount of visitors would dwindle down to nothing, if I were to try and turn off visibility in Google.
The spam I get is just a minor annoyance, and I do pity those poor saps who are just trying to earn a living typing (with poor spelling and all) readable spam.