Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Baby Robin

It's that time of the year when the locust trees are blooming, the maples and oaks have leafed out, the peonies are starting to put out their fragrant and extravagant flowers. And it's time for little robins to fledge from their nests.
I took a late morning walk around the office building where I work, bounded by an unused railway line and riverbanks on one side, the other side being concrete jungle of parking lots and asphalt road. Coming up on the walk right in front of the office, I spied a tiny ball of brown flecked fluff. Baby robin!
The coloring was too indistinct for me to make out whether it was a she or a he, so I shall assume it was a she.
She looked at me, I looked at her. Rather than freezing, she cheeped at me, so I bent down and tried asking her " Where are your parents, little one?" She cheeped again. "Well, run along, they'll be right back soon."
I walked a few steps, she trotted by in ungainly hops. She stopped, I stopped. This continued for the next few feet. I was in perfect position to take a picture, or two, or even a short video. She cheeped for the camera, and stretched her yet-unflighted wings. I thought I heard some other robin voice in the background. Maybe it was Mom or Dad, shouting instructions "Danger, danger, stranger danger! Get away!"
I walked away from Baby Robin, unwillingly to let go of the moment of enchantment, but work called.
The next morning, pulling into the parking lot, I caught side of another baby robin, plonk in the middle of a parking space, making me maneuver around it, rather than driving straight into the parking space I had intended to occupy. I stopped for a closer look, this was another baby, not the one from the previous day, a slightly larger fledgling, who cheeped at me as I bent down to see it ."Hop away from the parking space, baby", and as if it understood me, it hopped under a parked car. Hopefully it got out of there the moment I, the big scary stranger, moved away.