Saturday, June 15, 2019

Where's the Bear?

We live in mostly tamed suburbia. Nothing much out of the ordinary by the way of wildlife, except for some plant decor munching deer, flocks of turkeys, rabbits, raccoons, possums, groundhogs and even the occasional coyote or fox.

Yesterday, we had a visit from a new suburbanite. A black bear, who, Animal Control of South Hills assures us, is just 'passing through' . Although, for a seemingly innocuous cuddly visitor, the Facebook and TV warnings state ominously "Do not approach or engage with the bear if you see it, call the police at ---------"

There have been bear sightings since a week or so. First in Penn Hills, then in South Fayette. Yesterday, it was Bridgeville, and then Upper St.Clair. Today, it's Bethel Park. The lack of GPS collar is no match for the citizen sightings tracking this individual.

Presumably it is just the same bear wandering all over Pittsburgh - bears are known to travel upto 15 miles a day, in search of food, and the filled bird feeders offer plenty of goodies for a young bear who 'has been kicked out by its mother', per the wording in some of the news articles about it.

"Time to fend for yourself, little guy. Go away now." says Mama Bear. So the not-so-little bear takes to the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, feeding by day, and travelling mostly by night.

Hopefully it finds its way to a more forested region (West Virginia, anyone?) , and a hospitable population of  black bears. Good luck, young Bear!

(And no, it wasn't fear of running into the Bear that kept me from my early morning walk today...)
(Photo credit Cecil Township PD)