Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Big Move

 After over 20 years in the same house, we finally started the Big Move to a newer sparklier home in the outer suburbs. It was a bittersweet decision, but we were looking for a lower maintenance and new home which would take us easily into the sunset years.

Well, literally, the sunsets started, as we have a gorgeous view of the western skies from our high-perched new castle.

No large trees nearby to block our view, just a smattering of trees that pass for 'wooded backyard'. The trees are tall and thin, and the birds that inhabit them are visible as a flash of blue or brown. I will miss the close-ups that I used to get from the birdbath that was visible from our living room. Maybe, some day, a new birdbath on a yet unbuilt deck.... I can dream, but who knows if it will come to fruition.

The old house is devoid of the furniture, but the closets are still filled, slowly being emptied out. I have taken to opening closets and dumping everything that matters to me into those boxes, painstakingly moving each to my car and schlepping it to the new place. Everything must find its space in the new place, those that don't will be either placed in the 'To Donate' box (which I can't say is filling up that rapidly) or tossed into a trash bag.

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